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My story. What’s my story?

I began working in the marketing-tech sector back in 2018, within a nationally recognised legal firm. In this position, I had the chance of working alongside some of the most established agencies in the UK. These are companies charging enormous rates because they over-valued their contribution and had the clients believe that “you get what you pay for”. In my experience, these agencies were expensive, difficult to deal with, impossible to communicate with and often failed to deliver on their promises. My biggest achievement so far is a 100% client retention rate. No, that’s not a typo.

So, fast-forward to 2019. I decided to go it alone and begin my own (little) web agency, Tarbuck Digital Ltd. I chose to name my company after myself as the ultimate commitment to doing great work, building relationships and providing value because my name is on the line. Right from the outset, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic companies who trusted me to help their businesses grow. I think the winning formula is to provide an innovative service, at a fair price whilst looking after your customers. I’m a specialist in “un-tangling” the jargon that agencies use to baffle clients with and I enjoy a personal relationship with each of my clients and thrive whilst working amongst a truly diverse range of businesses.

I specialise in WordPress/WooCommerce Development and SEO, but my skills and experience extend to other “digital” services too. If you wish to explore further, you can find both testimonials and past projects on my website. When I’m not working for clients, I write bespoke content for my digital marketing blog. Outside of work, I’m a motorsport enthusiast and spend my Sundays planted on the sofa watching the Grand Prix. I also love 80’s-90’s band music, specifically, that of the “Madchester” era. If you’d like to have a chat (or meet for a virtual cuppa) then send me a message and we can get something on the calendar soon. I look forward to hearing from you!

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The Stowford Pub Company

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