4 good reasons to hire a professional website designer

With website building tools like Wix and Squarespace growing in usage, I detail some of the best reasons to hire a web design professional.

It’s quite sad, but I often get asked if there’s any point in paying for a professionally designed website, when many do-it-your-self or drag-and-drop website builders are available, for a small monthly fee. It baffles me that people think that a self-made website will perform as well as one designed by a professional with years of experience. Your website is fundamental to the success of any modern business, so why leave it all to chance just to save a few quid? Just because you can change a lightbulb, doesn’t mean you should re-wire your entire house.

Now, I’m fully aware that some business’ cannot afford to pay a professional website designer, or so they think. At the end of this article, when I’ve explained the best reasons to hire a pro, I will also provide the best possible solution to businesses needing a website on a tight budget. 

Before I begin, it’s vital that you can distinguish between a good and bad web designer. Here are some things you can check to give you that purchasing confidence:

  • Their website. Sounds simple, but have a good look at their website. Is it well designed? Do the pages load fast? Is the grammar correct? Spend a good few minutes inspecting their content. 
  • Check the ICO register. If you’re looking for a web designer in the UK, double-check if they are data protection registered with the ICO. This is a good indication of data being properly managed. 
  • Read reviews.  Make sure you read reviews on third-party websites like Trustpilot, Yell and Google. Do they seem genuine?
  • Check their privacy policy. This is the last resort – but before engaging a web designer, see if they have a privacy policy on their website, and check to see if it seems credible. It’s now a legal requirement, so if your designer doesn’t have one – they are probably one to avoid!

1 – Better design helps you stand out from the crowd

As a web design “pro”, I see a lot of websites. This provides me with a fundamental understanding of what works, and what doesn’t across various sectors. A professional can help construct the visual design cues and specific optimisations to get your website noticed and convert the traffic you receive, thus increasing your ROI (return on investment) in terms of both time and money. What’s more, a real web designer will inevitably design a more intuitive and fully responsive website which will engage with your audience more effectively. In contrast, going it alone means you will likely be left with a half-hearted attempt which could ruin the credibility of your brand. 

2 – Search Engine Optimisation Matters

If you’ve not heard of Search Optimisation or SEO, then it’s an ongoing process that increases the visibility of your website on search engine results pages. It’s how businesses get found once a user searches something on Google. Right now, SEO is one of the formative processes in the marketing strategies of the worlds top-performing companies, but it’s incredibly popular to local businesses too! I always say “what’s the point in having a beautiful website, if your customers never find it?”. Let’s say you manage to build a beautiful website on a web-building tool (which, in most cases at least, is unlikely) – how do you intend to drive your target audience there and then turn them into paying customers? Whilst it’s true that some website building tools do offer a basic SEO package, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to an SEO expert. You might be able to drive people to your website, but what’s the use if they aren’t in the market for your offerings, or if your website fails to convert them? It all becomes a wasted effort. I’ve seen many clients completely confused as to why spending money on pre-built SEO tools doesn’t result in sales, and often amazed at how spending a little more with me can boost their bottom line by thousands. 

3 – Flexibility & Versatility

A professional website designer will be able to add a layer of flexibility and versatility to your website that cannot be matched with a DIY tool. Whether you’re trying to integrate with a new payment processer, use a web service to communicate with a case management system or wish to include a bespoke function online – a professional can help. With a website builder, you are always at the mercy of the tool and will be forever limited to the functionality it includes. That’s fine for local businesses, but if you want to add something special to your brand online, then you need to seek expert advice. What if your website needs a loan calculator? Office finder? Directory search? Spending a little more on a professional from the offset is undoubtedly the best policy.

4 – Rigidity

Perhaps a slightly more flimsy reason, but opting to work with a professional web designer will likely result in a more “rigid website”. I use that adjective in the sense of secure, future-proof and robust. Having a secure website protects both yours and your client’s information, often results in speedier loading times and is a great tell-tale sign of a reliable and trustworthy company. Your website must be relatively future-proof because web browsers and operating systems are continually updated with new features which could break “old-school” websites. When most web browsers shifted towards the “chromium” framework – many websites built using wix . com appeared broken on the front-end. Not cool, Wix. When search engines update their algorithms, previously well-performing websites can begin to lose over 90% of their visitors. It’s also crucial that your website is robust, meaning that it can adapt to high volumes of traffic, user activity and content changes. For each second that your website is broken – you’re losing money. 

So, that concludes some of the key reasons that you should spend a little more on your website and have it developed professionally. For those businesses who just can’t afford to pay for a bespoke website, you may be interested in the beautiful website templates that we offer from only £479. Each one is based on WordPress, is professionally designed and will be completely customised to your business. Not only that, but the website can grow with your business and be improved in the future to suit your needs! We take care of all the “techy” side of things, so you don’t have to. Click here to learn more.




Written by Luke Tarbuck, Director.

I began Tarbuck Digital in 2019 after too many bad experiences with too many agencies. Built on the principles of good old fashioned customer service, paired with modern technologies and strategy. My job is to help businesses realise their potential and grow according to their goals and budgets through the use of Web, Design + Marketing. I enjoy a personal relationship with each of my clients and thrive working with a diverse range of businesses’.

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