Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, in laymans terms, is the process of increasing your businesses visibility on search engines, like Google and Bing. This is a useful way to grow the amount of “organic” traffic to your website, and in-turn convert that traffic into paying customers, subscribers or members – depending on your business.

I’ve been working on SEO projects for a range of businesses across many sectors for a number of years, and have the knowledge to propel any campaign forward. I keep myself up-to-date with the latest advancements and algorithm updates so that you cant take advantage of SEO without having to bootstrap your way through it.

SEO starts with the initial research and planning, followed by the formulation of a bespoke strategy to best suit the needs of your business. Once you’ve signed off, I carry out each process individually whilst keeping you in the loop with my progress at all times, to see where your money is going and how much impact it’s having.

Front-end SEO

Stage one of SEO is where I completely optimise your website based on my research. I then implement the correct keywords and metadata around your website to be deciphered by crawlers, but also enjoyed by human readers too!

Content Marketing

Good content marketing is when I’ve found the optimum balance of copywriting (website pages and blogs), social media content and email to engage with an audience directly online. I’d typically begin by formulating a strategy, then implementing it across the various mediums described above.

Social Media

Driving results from social media is now harder than ever. With most businesses having an online presence, the key to standing out lies in both the content and the strategy. My social media services extend to content creation, account management, paid/organic promotion and engagement.

Back-end SEO

This is real nitty-gritty side of SEO, where I focus on the layout of your website (sitemap), page loading speeds, file formatting, metadata, alt-tags, website structure, inbound/outbound link building and a host of other strategies for search engines to rank your site, easily. 

Lead Generation

This is often a marketing “grey-area”, but properly managed lead generation can be an unstoppable force in increasing sales for your business. With me, it all starts with the intitial research of your sector which is closely followed by the implementation of various strategies to, ultimately, win you more business.